11th Day of the Moon Kundalini with Sheel Seidler

August 21, 2018

06:00 - 07:15

7843 Girard Ave Suite F

Free for members, $20 drop-in, use class pack

Sheel Seidler

Tuesday, August 21st
Free for members
$20 drop-in or use your class package

The 11th Day of the Lunar Cycle is the most potent day to practice Kundalini Yoga. Why? Because on the physical level Kundalini yoga works with the glandular and nervous systems to create the right rhythm to let Kundalini energy rise up the spine. At this point in the lunar cycle, these two systems are at the lowest ebb of vitality, which creates an easier opportunity to bring them under control and in alignment with your Mission (Dharma).

Join Jai Guru Sheel and leverage this moment in the Lunar Cycle and connect with Spirit. For this experience we will we be working with a kriya that will totally dismantle your relationship with “time,” freeing you from explanations of your existence related to time, emotions, memories and body…letting you keep your limitlessness. We will work our way through 4 poses that use centrifugal force to disperse density, and spiral inward a concentrated and more authentic you. If you want a “summer bod” for your Spirit…this is how you will get it!

ALL LEVELS WELCOME. Yogi Tea served.

Sat nam.
Reserve your space.

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