Crystal Workshop

May 19, 2018

13:00 - 15:30

7843 Girard Avenue Suite F La Jolla, California


crystal workshop

Discover the power of crystals with Michelle’s Crystal Workshop

Are you interested in learning how to work with the healing energies of crystals?
Are you drawn to crystals but are unclear on how to choose them or tap into their healing energies?

This hands-on introductory workshop led by Crystal Healer and Reiki Master, Michelle Kavieff, will get you successfully working with your crystals and show you how to integrate these beautiful and powerful tools into your day-to-day life.

Sign up for the crystal workshop and learn how to:

  • Select, clear and connect to your crystals
  • Program your crystals to assist you in healing and manifesting
  • Use crystals to help to clear and balance the Chakra energy centers
  • Create and set a crystal grid to manifest your desires.
  • Saturday May 19th from 1-3:30pm

    $45 includes a crystal grid kit and manual.

    Sign up!

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