Fall Equinox Workshop with Jon Old-Rowe and Sheel Seidler

September 23, 2018

15:00 - 17:30

7843 Girard Ave Suite F


Mastering the Elements

Fall Equinox Workshop with Jon Old-Rowe and Sheel Seidler

Sunday, September 23
3-5:30 pm

Join #renegadesoflight Jon Old-Rowe and Sheel Seidler for an experience of movement and mantra immersion with sacred anointing of Plant Medicine.

As the Earth transitions to Fall, where do you want to exist as this wave of energy that has been building fans out over Creation? We are growing to understand the dynamic potential of life can be an experience of the effects of the five elements, four seasons and the spiraling expansion of the Cosmos—and, that we can be a part of their creation and sit within the heartbeat of the Universe co-creating the dawning age.

Set amongst a sacred crystal matrix, we will move the body with a vinyasa style class for 45 min. supporting and echoing many of the techniques that kundalini yoga offers. Opening the spine and central energy channel before running a sound current through it for 62 minutes that brings the Earth and the Heavens together. This all encompassing practice will enable your system a complete download of the vibrational field within the heart center of the ‘master of miracles’ Guru Ram Das.

Please bring a journal/pen, any crystals for charging and your favorite mug.

Followed by a light feast of fall vegetables and tea.

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