Healthy Back Yoga with Paula Ashbaugh

October 14, 2017

12:00 - 15:00

7843 Girard Ave Suite F La Jolla CA 92037


Saturday, October 14th
12-3pm | $45

Have you suffered from back and neck pain while doing yoga? Do you want to learn to advance your practice powerfully and safely? If so, this Happy Back Yoga workshop is for you! Learn how to prevent injuries and stay safe on and off the mat. Learn the anatomy of the spine including the neck and back. Explore how to engage and stabilize your physical body through proper alignment in a variety of yoga postures using the Bandhas. By applying these skills of physical and energetic body, you’ll better protect your spine during yoga and get the most out of your practice.

With a doctorate in Physical Therapy, over 20 years of a personal practice and 8 years as a yoga instructor, Paula Ashbaugh brings extensive knowledge in evidence-based spinal pain prevention and an understanding of the energetic body. She promotes safety in the physical asana practice, mindfulness and wisdom of energetic body.

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