Inversions, Core Strength & Flying Workshop

October 21, 2017

13:00 - 15:30

7843 Girard Avenue Suite F, La Jolla, California


Inversions, Arm Balances, and More with Carolina

Have you ever wondered how some students seem to float through their practice with such effortlessness and ease? Surely there must be some sort of trick to it.

The Proof is in the Details

Sign up for this workshop if you want to learn the ins and outs of those poses that seem impossible to master. An in-depth breakdown of headstand, forearm stand, handstands, and arm balances will be covered. Mix in some abdominal drills, and we’ve got a perfect recipe for learning how to “fly.”

The last 30 minutes is dedicated to flying techniques:

-How to float to and from the top of the mat with lightness and control
-How to properly exit crane and tripod headstand to a vinyasa
-Dropping to vinyasa from handstand

All levels of practice are welcome. We will be using the wall, blocks, and blankets to help you approach all poses safely and at your own pace.

  • Refine your inversion practice and get new tips on how to minimize effort by improving alignment
  • Let go of fear and learn about the psychological aspect of practicing inversions and arm balances
  • Discover the importance of breath and concentration in maintaining awareness and fueling the physical bodies to support these challenging postures

Inversions, Arm Balances, and More

Saturday, October 21

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