Members Only Monthly Event

June 22, 2018

18:30 - 20:00

7843 Girard Ave Suite F La Jolla CA 92037

Free for Buddhi Yoga Members

Stephanie Poiani

Introducing the Buddhi Yoga members-only events! Every month we’ll be bringing you a new FREE classes with our talented instructors to thank you for making Buddhi Yoga such a special place to be.

Vinyasa and Yin with Mags & Steph

Free for Buddhi Yoga Members

Friday, June 22, 2018

Get the best of both worlds with this great combination of vinyasa and yin yoga. Magdalena will start out with 45 minutes of smooth-flowing vinyasa to get you feeling strong and open. Work on hip openers, balancing postures and poses to decompress the spine. You’ll also get a chance to try arm balances and inversions for all levels of practice. Stephanie will then take over for another 45 minutes of mellow yin so can release tension and realign the body. Yin yoga is a gentle practice that has students holding several floor stretches from 2-5 minutes on each side to get a deep release in the muscles and connective tissues. Join us for a perfect evening to kick off your weekend.

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