Members Only Monthly Event

May 18, 2018

18:30 - 20:00

7843 Girard Ave Suite F La Jolla CA 92037

Free for Buddhi Yoga Members

Jenna Zabrosky

Introducing the Buddhi Yoga members only events! Every month we’ll be bringing you a new FREE classes with our talented instructors to thank you for making Buddhi Yoga such a special place to be.

Release and Restore Class with Jenna Zabrosky

Free for Buddhi Yoga Members

May 18, 2018

Release tension in your body with a 45 minute slow flow class, followed by 45 minutes of restorative yoga bliss. This slow flow sequence will concentrate on the areas of the body that tend to hold tension and stress; such as the neck, shoulders, hips and low back. After relieving physical tension, it will be time to give your mind and emotional body a resent. Restorative yoga poses are held longer(5 to 25 min) with the use of props, so that you can deeply relax into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. When the body is fully supported, it can have time to heal and restore healthy digestion, sleep function, reproductive health and increase overall well being.

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