Mystic Medicine Circle & The Conscious Groove

September 29, 2018

14:00 - 21:00

7843 Girard Ave Suite F

$30 for one $50 for both pre-registered | $35 at door

Mystic Medicine Circle

An Introduction to the Laws of Nature, Medicinal Aromatherapy, & Meditation

September 29th 2:30pm-4:30pm
$30 Pre-Registered***
$35 Door

Join Lemia and Joshua in this journey into the heart of self-love through the Ancient Wisdom of the Laws of Nature and the connection to the plants and trees via Medicinal Aromatherapy. Uncover the mysteries of sacred geometry and numerology through the sacred symbol of the Triangle, the days of the week, and your Primary Planet. Experience, smell, and receive loving energy from 7 pure, medicinal-grade and masterful essence teachers. Chant Naam meditation after a vibrational sound healing experience, and complete this mind-body-spirit connection to the soul with the sweet nectar of sacred sound.

The Conscious Groove

A night of Shakti Naam Yoga, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, and Chanting Meditation

September 29th, 6:00pm-9:00pm
$30 Pre-Registered***
$35 Door

This 3-hour journey into the soul of Love, Wisdom, and Truth will enliven your spirit, energize your body, and soothe your heart into a space of unconditionally loving expansion. Revitalize your entire being and celebrate your soul breath and heart song with the vibration that heals you the deepest – your own voice. From many different traditions and languages, and a blend of rhythms and tones of modern and ancient times, “The Conscious Groove” plays mantra music from the intuitive knowing that we are One and that music ignites the vibration of unity consciousness.

***Both Events Combined Discounted Price of $50 prepaid

Reserve your space for one or both workshops.

Flower pic at top thanks to @odwyer_sio9

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