Yin Yoga: Relax, Release, Renew with Michelle & Lauren

May 11, 2018

19:00 - 21:00

7843 Girard Ave Suite F La Jolla, CA 92037


Friday, May 11th

In this 2-Hour workshop Lauren Ursch M.S., RYT and Michelle Kavieff, Reiki Master, RYT will guide you through an experiential journey of healing and restoration with a combination of guided meditation, yin yoga, Reiki, crystals, aromatherapy, sound healing, yoga nidra and deeksha (oneness blessing). This will douse you in life-force energy that relaxes the conscious mind and ignites the feeling of joy and deep spiritual connection.
Yin Yoga allows for the release of mental, emotional and physical tension. Postures are held longer to allow for the opening and stimulation of the deep connective tissues and fascia networks in the body, where Chi (life-force energy), flows. Through the Yin practice, energetic blockages and stagnant energy can be released and balanced, allowing vital energy to flow freely throughout the meridian channels. Join Michelle Kavieff on Tuesdays at 12 and Thursday Nights at 6:45, where she will guide you through this powerful practice while infusing you with Reiki healing energy. This will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and balanced on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

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