Ally Blythe

Ally Blythe at Buddhi Yoga La Jolla

Before practicing yoga I had no idea how much of an impact it would have in my life. After getting on my mat for the first time I began to feel calmer, more grounded and an increase in body awareness. I finished my 200-hour teacher training at Buddhi Yoga, which led my practice to a new physical and mental level. I love introducing yoga to those with little to no experience by infusing my passion for the practice in each posture. I also really enjoy giving gentle adjustments and offering encouraging cues while focusing on the breath, meditation and the sheer enjoyment of being present in your own body.


“Ally has a beautiful, unique and intimate approach to teaching yoga. Yoga guided her to a place of peace in her life, and it led her to her passion of helping others find peace inside themselves. Whether it is your first time doing yoga or you have been a dedicated yogi for years, Ally helps you get in touch with parts of yourself that you do not regularly pay attention to. Her Yin class is like nothing I have ever experienced in my 14 years of practicing yoga. Ally is a wonderful instructor who cares deeply for the well-being of others and she truly demonstrates it in her approach to teaching.” -Brittany Morton

“Ally is a natural teacher of Yin Yoga. Her ability to intertwine the meditative and asana side of yoga is a purely blissful experience as her student. One leaves her class feeling weightless, yet rejuvenated.  Ally’s adjustments gently guide her students into a deeper and more profound expression of the postures. Her calm demeanor and insightful philosophy make her a natural teacher of Yin. Ally’s classes are perfect for beginners wanting to explore meditative yoga in a welcoming and comfortable space. Equally so, her classes are complementary to the active yogi seeking a Yin balance in his/her practice. Her calm energy is contagious and attractive to all that have the pleasure of taking her classes!” -Kristen Nicholl

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