Andrés Sette Arruza

Andrés Sette Arruza at Buddhi Yoga

Andrés is passionate about helping students explore, and ultimately create a practice of personal connection through the practice of Yoga. He first took an interest in studying Yoga in 2007 while living in the craziness of New York City, and recently completed his 200-hour teacher training with Buddhi Yoga. His Yoga journey started as an open inquiry to exploring personal and universal truths. He leads his classes in the same way, recognizing that each student is unique and will have their own way of seeking and discovering truth. He warmly welcomes all levels of practitioners who seek to develop and discover new elements of their own practice from seeking within.


“Andrés is one of the kindest most thoughtful people I know. His sincerity and genuineness really shine through when he teaches yoga, and you can’t help but be enchanted by his gentle encouragement paired with careful yet challenging sequencing. The image of peaceful warrior seems to capture his essence and tone of his classes. I love that Andreas recognizes the importance of unique individual practice, guiding you to listen and honor your body, leaving ego at the door. He leads with grace and non judgement, creating a wonderful energetic space in which to practice.” -Cindy Fisher

“There are many yoga teachers out there, even excellent ones, especially in our SoCal area, but what sets Andrés apart is his heart-centered approach to true yoga. He has opened his mind, body and spirit to the origins of yoga, remains strongly rooted there, and leads from this clarity. Andrés stays present in himself and in the room as he leads students through strong sequences and moves among them offering nurturing and soulful adjustments, creating and maintaining a proper balance of strength and ease. Before and after his classes Andrés takes time to truly connect with students, taking his role of present and centered guide to heart. I guess that’s what impresses me most, his presence and authenticity on and off the mat.” -Erika Kyte

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