Bri Gallo

bri gallo

Movement has been the center of Bri’s life ever since she could walk. Encouraged by her parents to try every sport from gymnastics to crew, Bri always felt complete when she was moving. Bri is an international photographer, mom of 2 and works with horses. When Bri is not in the studio, she is either hanging with her girls, on her horse or leading cultural immersion trips in Vietnam, Ethiopia and Nepal. Bri fell in love with FlowLift and got certified to teach with Carolina and Amanda in 2017.


“I love Bri’s FlowLift class! In addition to being super welcoming and enthusiastic, she gives great cues so time flies while you get a fun and sweaty workout!” -Simone Verma

“Bri’s ability to maintain high energy and enthusiasm allows me to stay connected throughout the entire class. The sense of community in every class will definitely keep bringing me back for more!”- Sue Matrone Andrew

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