Elise Bernier

elise bernier

Elise was a competitive athlete for all of her childhood and throughout her twenties. After an injury, a fellow teacher suggested she try yoga, and though at first she was hesitant, she found it to be the perfect balance of her competitive nature with a sense of calm. She quickly found that the peace and mental clarity she felt while on her mat was something that she knew she needed.

As a fitness enthusiast, Elise was beyond excited when she tried Flow Lift for the first time. She had been craving an intense, yet low-impact class to do in addition to her swim workouts. She loves to share her joy of exercise and living a healthy lifestlye with others, and aims to do that through her classes. Elise loves to have fun in her workouts, and strives for all students to leave class eager to return.


“Elise’s high energy and playful personality make her Flow Lift classes so much fun! She adds her own unique style to each class flow, which sets her class apart from others like it. Aside from her personality, she has a strong athletic background that shines in her class. You will leave feeling challenged and empowered.”

-Sam Noonan

“When I’m looking to push my body and “lift” my spirits I sign up for a class with Elise. She crafts a unique workout that’s a full-body experience and also hits a lot of muscle groups that I tend to neglect. Her spunky personality and stellar music selection give me motivation to power through the tougher parts of class and come out with a smile on the other end. I leave Elise’s classes not only feeling the best possible kind of exhausted, but also pumped to take on the day!”

-Liz Sopel

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