Katrina Van Tassell

katrina van tassell

Katrina Van Tassell, originally based out of the Seattle area, loves teaching a wide range of styles to all ages and abilities. No matter what kind of class, whether yoga, Flow Lift, or kids yoga, she makes it accessible to all levels. Strength and flexibility are not a prerequisite to practicing, but it is often the result. For Katrina yoga helps loosen her tight muscles from an athletic background growing up. It helps her stay in shape, but most importantly, it relieves stress and anxiety. Yoga transforms the way she moves and feels off the mat.

Katrina was originally introduced to yoga as a child while her mom was teaching Iyengar, so her yoga classes pay attention to setting up proper alignment before working into a vinyasa style flow. Her previous experiences as a Pilates teacher also inspires building a strong foundation in classes. Katrina is passionate about working with kids and she loves being able to share yoga with the little guys, especially because it was then that her own practice began.


“Katrina radiates warmth and kindness from the moment you meet her. She also possesses what I think is one of the greatest qualities in a teacher; curiosity. She is constantly seeking to learn, refine, and expand in her own practice both on and off the mat. She believes yoga is for EVERY body and her compassionate and patient nature immediately makes every student feel welcome and comfortable in her room. Her teachings are intelligently sequenced, playful, and reflective. She has a gift at providing her students calm, grounded space as well as a good challenge and a sense of humor. It has been amazing to see Katrina grow into the incredible teacher she is today and any student is so lucky to practice with her.” -Nina Petruzzo

“Katrina is a heaven sent teacher. Her kind and gentle voice is one that has me looking forward to yoga! She uses clear and descriptive language, and her creative sequencing really allows the students to explore. No matter who is taking one of Katrina’s classes, they are guaranteed an excellent time. Thanks Katrina, you are amazing and inspire me every day!”

-Fiorella Ferritti

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