Lauren Padula

lauren padula

Lauren has been practicing yoga for 12 years, finding it in college as a complement to running and as a stress reliever. She continues to practice today to balance her body and mind and uses her experience as a runner (and background as a physical therapist) in her teaching. Her goal is to make yoga more accessible to runners and athletes, and to help show them the many benefits of a regular yoga practice on not only their athletic performance, but their life.


“The first time I tried yoga the group was so large it was intimidating and I was scared to try again. Two years later, I decided to be brave and take a yoga for runners class led by Lauren Padula. I’m hooked. Her approach to teaching is not intimidating in any way. I didn’t feel I had to already know the poses, I was able to actually learn and notice a difference in myself by the end of each class!! I will continue to train with Lauren and achieve new goals I never thought possible!! With her leading I can now say I’m a yogi!! Thank you Lauren!” – Donna W.

“Lauren has a unique talent of making her classes accessible, challenging, and fun for anyone from the seasoned yogi to the person taking their first class simultaneously. It is clear she has great knowledge, experience, and understanding of the human body, yoga, and leading others. She’s extremely motivating while also maintaining a relaxing and fun environment, making sure yoga is never stressful or scary. Her words and passion inspire me to carry my practice beyond class and throughout my daily life. I know I will always feel amazing physically and mentally after every one of Lauren’s classes no matter where my body or mind is prior to entering. I feel challenged and comfortable in her classes on days when I’m feeling flexible and strong as well as when everything feel tight and heavy. Her passion for yoga, her students, and life is evident throughout class. As a regular yoga practicer I feel lucky to have found Lauren and her class, but I wish I would have known her earlier in my life because I know I would have felt a lot more confident and comfortable in yoga in my early yoga practice with her as my teacher.” – Laura C.

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