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Mike Blasi Buddhi Yoga

Mike is a native of Boston and began practicing yoga after moving to California in 2000. He believes that yoga is an individual journey and aims to guide each student towards the guru within themselves. Mike established a love for restorative yoga after suffering a major injury (80% tear of the pectoralis major muscle) in 2013, which left him unable to engage in the more vigorous styles during his year-long recovery. He believes the longer hold times and generous prop usage of the restorative practice can be of great value to all practitioners looking to deepen the feedback loop between body and mind. In addition to being a graduate of Buddhi Yoga’s first ever teacher training class, Mike has completed courses with senior Ashtanga instructors Tim Miller and David Swenson. He holds a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Saulo Ribeiro.


“I feel Mike’s class is one of the best I’ve found in San Diego County. As a man, I don’t have much flexibility, but Mike’s use of blocks and bolsters has been beneficial in my ability to find proper alignment and more depth in the postures. Mike’s alignment techniques have helped my daily yoga practice. I always leave his class feeling well-balanced, refreshed, and rejuvenated. I would recommend his classes to anyone.” -Joshua H.

“Mike is a fantastic teacher! His style is direct, friendly and easy-to-understand. His knowledge and experience are evident in his attention to subtle verbal cues and his ability to convey the importance of mindful and deliberate movement and alignment. Since discovering him as a teacher, I’ve told several friends, “if you see Mike’s name on the schedule, definitely go check him out!” – Wendy C.

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