Pauline Villanueva

pauline villanueva

Pauline first discovered yoga in 2013, during a fundraising event for the New Children’s Mueseum in downtown San Diego, and was immediately hooked. Since then, yoga has been a passion, leading her to complete her 200-hour teacher training in April of 2016. A year later, she took her first FlowLift class. As someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy “working out,” Pauline found the combination of creative moves and killer playlists to be perfect and became a certified FlowLift instructor. Overall, Pauline enjoys learning what our bodies are capable of doing and how to sustain different practices and movement.


“Pauline has a uplifting positive energy as an instructor, and that keeps me motivated to push through the more difficult positions of the FlowLift class. She provided good demonstrations to follow easily and great alignment cues to keep everything safe.” -Alison W.

“Pauline’s class was amazing! As a runner, there are two things I hate most: stretching and weights! However, this class made both super easy and extra fun! Great class and even better instructor.” -Justin G.

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