Sara Shermis

sara shermis

Sara found yoga as a stressed out college student, and it immediately became her forever love. She was amazed at how much yoga helped her feel like the best version of herself: strong, inspired, and more present. After college Sara spent some time in San Francisco working in the financial district, but she felt deeply unfulfilled. She quit her job and decided to move back to her roots in San Diego to pursue her heart’s true passion, which has always been yoga.

Sara completed her first 200-hour yoga teacher training at La Jolla Yoga Center, where she found even more enthusiasm for the practice, a new love for meditation, and a sense of community. Her thirst to learn more about yoga and meditation lead Sara to Nosara, Costa Rica, where she completed a 300-hour teacher training with the Awakened Life School of Yoga. Sara was not only exposed to different types of yoga and meditation, but was surrounded by teachers who encouraged her to grow and evolve.

Sara’s classes are creative and filled with unique transitions inspired by her own practice. Teaching yoga has lead Sara to have a fulfilling life and she hopes to share that same sense of community, creativity, and passion with her students. You can catch Sara teaching Thursdays at 4pm as well as subbing and teaching workshops at Buddhi.


“You will be greeted at the studio with a big bright smile that radiates through the most gentle kind soul. Leading a moving meditation that will challenge you both physically and mentally but will simultaneously leave the mind quiet and settled. A true healer and artist at work.” -Mike

“Sara is undoubtedly the most wonderful instructor I have ever had. Not only has she taught me yoga and meditation, but she also taught me that they are important contributors to my life and happiness. She radiates positivity, and her classes are peaceful and grounding. Connecting with her is effortless and makes it easy to connect with myself, which can be a difficult thing to do. She will forever be my favorite instructor!” -Lorae

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