Yoga San Diego

Yoga San Diego

Are you searching for a studio where you can practice yoga? While there are several in the area, there are none that offer the expertise and resources that Buddhi Yoga can offer. Regardless of your level of practice, there are classes designed to meet your needs.

If you’re new to yoga or are returning from being away for some time from your practice, consider Buddhi Yoga in San Diego for your classes. Buddhi Yoga’s beginner Flow classes are conducted with the needs of the students in mind, always adapting to feedback that they receive during classes. During your Beginner Flow classes, you’ll learn basic breathing techniques and universal yoga poses in an enjoyable environment that makes yoga easy to understand.

If you’ve attended yoga classes in the past and found yoga to be complex or intimidating, you’ll love yoga in San Diego studio Buddhi Yoga, where yoga is demystified and brought to a mentally calming level that students truly appreciate. You’ll enjoy practicing yoga in an environment that is free from anxiety about your performance. Beginner Flow is taught in a way that promotes beneficial yoga habits that will help you become aware of your body to a greater degree.

Slow Flow classes are for beginners as well as for students who are in the mood for a slower paced class or those who are healing from an injury. Slow Flow classes are among the most popular yoga classes in their San Diego studio. Instructors are experts at providing verbal cues that are not only easy to understand but are also safe and effective for all levels of practice.

Instructors at Buddhi Yoga emphasize the idea that in their studio, there is no hierarchy of classes, so there is never any pressure to ‘graduate’ from Slow Flow or Beginner Flow classes into Buddhi Flow or Super Yogi classes. Slow Flow yoga is designed to provide you with everything you need to build a strong and flexible body, develop breath awareness and create a peaceful mind.

Students at Buddhi Yoga find that the signature class offered, the Buddhi Flow class, is a challenging vinyasa flow style that combines all of the elements necessary for the perfect yoga experience. Instructors Amanda and Carolina incorporate a wide range of poses that weave together in a way that ensures every class is different from the last, so you will never get bored and never be able to anticipate what is coming next.

Buddhi Yoga in San Diego offers a terrific variety of yoga classes designed to meet the needs of every level of practice, even including kids’ yoga classes for ages 3-7, to provide them with a fun and non-competitive environment where they can enjoy all of the benefits of yoga.

Whether you are brand new to yoga, are experienced, or fall somewhere in between, Buddhi Yoga believes yoga is for everyone. Find out more about membership at one of the most popular studios in the area by calling Buddhi Yoga today at 858-886-7580.
Yoga San Diego