Bound Lotus Workshop with Sheel & Amanda

August 11, 2019

15:00 - 16:30

7843 Girard Ave Suite F La Jolla, CA 92037

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Bound Lotus Workshop: Here to Love
with Sheel & Amanda
Sunday August 11
3-5:30 pm

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During the astrological portal of Lionsgate 2019, our Sun aligns with the heart-center of the Universe. We can think of no better moment to bend ourselves (as best as we can) into an energetic grid that pulls out our best selves. Let’s embody the one and true mission we all share: we are here to love.

Mah Bound Lotus is a Kundalini Kriya considered to be one of the shortest paths to healing ourselves on all levels. With the legs in lotus and the arms wrapped around the back, we create the symbol of infinity with our bodies and experience the same with our consciousness. Spend 31 minutes in this mentally and physically challenging position to come face to face with exactly what we most need to find out about ourselves. While we have dedicated a portion of each day to this practice, the reality is that one ‘dose’ of this powerful posture will allow you to sift through the surface of what you believe is reality. Notice and let go of the things that cause you to react from fear and anger. Spending 31 minutes even just once in Mah Bound Lotus gives a glimpse of your greatest potential.

When we answer the call of what we were meant to do in this life, a supreme state of joy is our destiny. Binding ourselves physically opens a channel of creativity and understanding so that we clearly hear our calling, however simple or extraordinary it may be.

We will begin with a series of warmups and stretches to adequately prepare the body to sit in bound lotus. Learn how to use props and different variations to ensure that the posture is safe for the joints and the breath can flow freely. Do not think you have to be able to hold lotus without any help to achieve an experience of the posture.

We will be using plant medicine as allies and practice amongst a crystal grid to help us during our journey within and through the mud to reveal our lotus nature.

Sat Nam.

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