Matriarchal Momentum | Virtual Kundalini Workshop with Sheel

August 15, 2020

14:00 - 16:00

- not specified -


Saturday, 8/15
Virtual Workshop with Sheel
2-4 pm PST

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We are a human family. We have always been a human family, and we will always be one. How we are relating to this Truth is what this workshop will assist in revealing and healing within ourselves.

In the Kaliyug, truths like this are hidden, and there is a lot of natural energy that keeps them from being revealed to us. We get glimpses, but like the endless waves coming to shore, these truths then get swept back into the ocean of Maya in our consciousness, keeping us in a state of forgetting.The Age of Kaliyug is sunsetting as are so many structures that have been in place to keep us from remembering our connectedness. The Great Tumbling of these times comes with it a moment to embrace an earthquake and upheaval in our heart space.Using yoga, meditation, breathing, mantra and assisted by self anointing of Holy Basil plant essence* let’s create a new home in our bodies to favor and assist the Matriarchal Momentum washing over the planet, an our bodies, and hearts and minds.

This workshop will be virtual through Zoom. You will receive a recording along with a Spotify playlist.

No refunds or credits available for this group. Space is intentionally limited to preserve a group energy. Please sign up in advance.

*If you do not have Tulsi or Holy Basil plant essence to anoint with please order in advance of workshop. Shipping in the US will take 3-5 days.

To order Holy Basil within the continental US please Venmo $45.56 to @kundaliniwithsheel and include your mailing address—price includes sales tax and shipping. No refunds or credits for plant essence. For outside the U.S. please email Sheel.

**If you are part of the LGBTQIA+ community or identify as Black Indigenous or POC, please use the code WAHEGURU for a 50% discount at checkout. (Discount applies to workshop only, not plant essence.)