Mother/Daughter Yoga- Time to S.O.A.R with Erica Rood

July 9, 2023

01:00 - 02:30

7843 Girard Ave La Jolla CA 92307



Join us for another special Mother-Daughter Yoga class called Time to S.O.A.R. developing Self-worth, Optimism, Acceptance, and Resilience.


Sunday, July 9th 1-2:30pm

$49 per pair:)



Mother-Daughter Yoga is designed to support girls’ confidence and self-awareness, while also giving moms a unique opportunity to bond with their daughter. Expect to move, laugh, and connect through inspiring movement, meaningful conversation, and a creative activity. Beginners are welcome.


The Time to SOAR class will help girls connect with their inner strengths and learn how to cultivate self-worth, optimism, acceptance, and resilience. Moms will learn how to support these qualities throughout the new school year.

Classes are designed for 8-12 year old girls and their moms.




About Erica:

Erica is the founder of Inspire Balance: Coaching for Parents, Teens, and Young Adults. She is a certified Life Coach and a registered yoga teacher, who specializes in working with parents, teens, and young women. Similar to her coaching programs, Erica’s yoga classes promote self-discovery, and empower girls with insight and tools to cope with stress, improve confidence, cultivate healthy friendships, and ultimately, become their very best selves. Her one-of-a-kind Mother-Daughter Yoga classes are designed to support the all-important bond between moms and daughters through creative movement and meaningful conversations. You can learn more about Erica and her coaching and yoga programs at



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