Winter Solstice: Tree Breathing with Sheel Seidler and Jon Old-Rowe

December 22, 2018

15:00 - 17:30

7843 Girard Ave Suite F

$40 / $70 for two / $50 each day of

Sunday, December 23
$70 for two (bring a friend!)
$50 day of for each
3-5:30 pm

The equinoxes, the longest and shortest days of the year, are important and opportune moments we can take command of the elements and reset our dance between sovereignty (I am) and surrender. (I AM) When we start to assert a command over the five elements, we no longer fight with Nature. This includes our True Natures, and we can free fall into rhythm with the Cosmic Pulse, experiencing powerful and frequent moments of JOY and total alignment with our Dharma (True Purpose).

Join Sheel, with help from Jon as they take you on a journey to hear ancient wisdom within these elements. All that is revealed will help you on your journey back to the Divine. Eschew ritual and welcome the experience of Self through breathwork, powerful kundalini techniques and sacred anointing with Tree Essences (Spruce, Birch, Balsams, and more!). Honor this beautiful moment of the Earth as she (and we) transition into the Winter Season.

We will practice within an activated crystal matrix. Finish with an experience inside a medicine wheel where you can leave an offering (which will be kept through January 2, 2019). Yogi tea and light vegan fare served. Please bring your favorite crystal, a mug, yoga mat and journal.

This experience is meant for yogis and non yogis of all levels. Feel free to bring any family or friends in town for the holidays for a truly unique and heart-centered experience.

Sat nam.

Image up top by Lori Menna from @cosmiccollage

11th Day of the Moon Kundalini with Jon Old-Rowe

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