Anna Mischel

Anna Mischel

Anna’s journey with yoga began at a very young age when she started following her parents to their yoga classes. Ever since, the practice has been deeply beneficial and grounding for her, as it helped her deal with the stress of school and the injuries she incurred from dance. After graduating from Swarthmore College with a degree in neuroscience, she completed the 200 hour teacher training at Buddhi Yoga. As an aspiring doctor, Anna understands how beneficial movement and breath are for the body and mind, and wants to share this gift with others through teaching. Her classes are designed for all ages and levels and are meant to safely challenge students and connect them to their bodies.


“Anna’s classes are filled with awesome transitions and a perfect balance between strength building and flexibility enhancing movements. Her voice is super soothing, and combined with a killer playlist and great adjustments, I always walk out of her classes feeling ten times lighter!” – Charlotte Mack

“Having been in Anna’s teacher training, I’ve had the opportunity to see her transformation from teaching her very first Sun A, to the full classes she teaches today. Her creativity flows throughout her classes and her combination of work outside of yoga and her strong personal practice allows her to provide thoughtful adjustments and encourage her students to safely deepen their practices.” – Joey Lampe

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