Darin Newman

darin newman

Darin initially found yoga as an alternative approach to rehab a series of knee injuries. Fascinated by the calming, restorative effects a consistent practice had on both mind and body, he did his best to make Yoga a part of his daily routine. Shortly after moving to San Diego in 2018, Darin walked into Buddhi Yoga and found a role working at the front desk. That summer, he completed his 200-hour Teacher Training and has been teaching ever since. His teaching style is a blend of the instruction that has most resonated with him as a student. Darin attributes a post collegiate shift in self awareness and personal tranquility to Yoga, and is quick to acknowledge the role his teachers have played in his own development. Eager to give back all that he’s learned, Darin hopes to help people along their own yogic path.




“I really enjoy Darin’s class.He has a calm and welcoming demeanor and his class is a great balance of strength and stretching. He teaches plenty of slow and intentional movements which allows my body to stretch out and warm up. But he also puts together nice flows so that I leave felling like I got my heart pumping and heat flowing.”

-Jordan Merrit

“Darin has a wonderful calming energy that is effortlessly brought into his classes. His instructions are clear and easy to follow. His sequencing is always on point, structured, thoughtful, and intentional as he brings focus and awareness of the body and mind in each pose. Every class is well rounded and simplistic, touching on the true nature of yoga and it being able to calm the mind while moving the body.”

-Chelsea Squillacote

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