Elizabeth Epstein

Elizabeth has been a FlowLIFT instructor since 2018, when she found the incredible community at Buddhi Yoga and fell in love with this fun class. She believes FlowLIFT is an excellent workout for health because it includes cardio, resistance training, and is easy on the joints and back. As an integrative cardiologist, prevention is her passion, and FlowLIFT is one way she enjoys working together with the community to promote healthy lifestyle choices that will prevent and reverse heart disease and other chronic diseases.


“Elizabeth is one of my fave FlowLIFT instructors at Buddhi Yoga. She is warm and inviting and then quickly gets us to sweat! Her playlists are fun and she does a great job of explaining each new move so we can jump right in. Liz keeps the energy up throughout class and it flies by. She uses moves that are easy to replicate which makes the workout that much better!”  -Laura Bagley
“Every FlowLFIT class with Elizabeth leaves me feeling energized! I get a great work out in, and really enjoy her playlists and fun flow sequences. She is my favorite instructor and will be sure to help people of all fitness levels reach their goals.”  -Megan Fischer-Colbrie

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