Goldie Graham

Goldie Graham at Buddhi Yoga

Goldie Graham, now based out of San Diego, is a traveling yoga instructor who leads workshops, teacher trainings and retreats around the globe. She is a community leader, an innovator in creating unique events and has been featured at Wanderlust, in Yoga Journal, Runner’s World, Shape Magazine, The Huffington Post and was awarded the esteem of “Best of Boston” by Boston Magazine. For Goldie, creating a yoga sequence is an artistic outlet and as a result, is known for her unique ability and creativity to combine playfulness with precision and alignment. Her deliberate, hands on adjustments will leave you feeling tended to, even amidst a full class. Seeking life everywhere, she finds it in the burn of her lungs, and identifies herself equally as both a yogi and runner. Her experience of the asana practice is multidimensional. “Some days we practice purely for the body, and some days we practice for our being.” The magic happens when they’re in sync, hence her affinity for vinyasa yoga. Goldie is dedicated to a life of teaching yoga and thinks movement is for everybody and every body.


“I credit Goldie with being my first teacher both on and off the mat. She has a unique ability to create intelligent sequences that leave you feeling free and alive, while at the same time her attention to alignment and hands on assists leave you feeling rooted in the practice. I’ve never felt more at home on my mat than I do in Goldie’s class.” – Kerri Axelrod

“Goldie’s classes are always one of the best parts of my week. I know I’m guaranteed to leave feeling better than I did when I walked in the door. She is present in the room while teaching, and really does take care of her students. Knowledgable about boundaries, but also thirsty to challenge her students, Goldie provides a class accessible for all levels. She’s an athlete outside of the studio as well, and she really brings this to her classes. As a runner myself, her class is my go-to to keep my legs feeling happy. She is passionate about her work as a teacher, and all she gives -and receives- through her work.” – Allison Armstrong

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