Jenny Lampe

Growing up, I spent much of my free time competing in sports from gymnastics to diving to volleyball. Once college and adult life hit, I found running or going to the gym to be so boring. I turned to workout DVDs but had little success in finding something that made my body feel good. I started yoga as a way to exercise and quickly learned that there are many more benefits beside the physical aspect. Yoga has allowed me to challenge my physical body while also challenging my mind. I have found an inner sense of calm through yoga and hope to inspire others to make yoga part of their lives.


“Jenny’s creativity, passion and knowledge shine through in each of her classes. She will kick your butt in FlowLIFT or ease your mind in vinyasa. Her classes are fun, motivating and for all fitness levels. Everything from her contagious positivity to her fun music will have you coming back for more.” – Natasha Oxe

“Jenny is super knowledgeable and can lead students through all types of poses with confidence. Her energy is engaging and she keeps focus on the enjoyment of the class and not the difficulty of the work out. The class is demanding, but accessible for any level of practice.” – Leah Vacher

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