Joey Lampe

As often is in life, I really found the practice of yoga when I wasn’t looking for it. When switching jobs and breaking into a new industry, my company offered free yoga classes from a local teacher twice weekly. What better way to get into the practice? After my first class I was hooked, yet also humbled. The physical aspect was challenging but less so than the mental aspects which accompanied it. I would later dive deeper into my personal practice by taking Buddhi Yoga’s 200 HR YTT with an uncertainty of whether I wanted to teach or not. It just so happens that, about half way through those 200 hours, I absolutely wanted to share what I have learned and continue to learn with others.


Joey is a kind, extraordinarily thoughtful, and creative yoga instructor. Each class is intentionally sequenced from the initial pose through final relaxation. Joey’s pairing of specific verbal cues alongside his thoughtful adjustments ensures that students of all levels are able to safely deepen their individual practices. I find it particularly special that Joey manages to create a welcoming and supportive space by teaching both with confidence and an open heart. Also, no one gives better final relaxation adjustments than Joey!

I’ve taken Joey’s class a couple of times and I really like his teaching style. He has a very calming presence, and his class seems to flow effortlessly. I think he strikes the perfect balance between challenging and relaxing sequences. Simply put, in Joey’s class you will sweat and leave feeling much more grounded than when you arrived.

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