Julia Peck


Julia is excited to join the Buddhi Yoga teaching team after a four year adventure in China where she was teaching at the popular Y+ Yoga Center in Shanghai. A long-time resident of La Jolla and student of Carolina and Amanda, Julia has been practicing yoga for over 15 years. “Yoga is for everyone!” is her motto and her classes reflect the respect she has for each student’s unique body mechanics. “Our practice should reflect not only how we feel today, but also a deep appreciation for the way our lifestyle and hobbies affect our movement patterns.” Julia encourages those new to yoga to join her classes and experience yoga in an inclusive environment free from anxiety about ability and performance.


“I feel so fortunate to have met and advanced my yoga practice with Julia. After years at the typical studio with little or no corrections given, I was disappointed to not be able to do the moves I saw everyone else doing. Julia taught me the ways to work within my limitations and yet still be challenged using modified moves and blocks and after years of back pain it is virtually non existent now. She has always been encouraging, patient and knowledgeable and truly wanted me to get the most out of yoga without causing any additional injuries. It has changed the way I practice forever!” – Laura Dailey

” Julia is my favorite yoga instructor. Her class is just like her personality in real life…fun and full with positive energy. She is so nice and thoughtful, always provides challenging options for different level students and encourage everyone. I really enjoy the flow classes with her. We move to great music and she always have some new tip to help us deepen our practice step by step. Her Yoga teaching style not only teaches me how to have a healthy body, but she also shares her deep life experiences, which for me personally reminds me how much I should appreciate life and how wonderful it can really be.” – Yoyo Yang

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