Lauren Archer

lauren archer

The strong, fluid and alignment-focused style of Lauren’s classes is a reflection of what she has found most beneficial in her years of practice. One of Lauren’s biggest struggles in life is getting everything that needs to be done accomplished in the time that’s available. As someone who thinks quickly (making long to-do lists for herself), but prefers to acts slowly and carefully, it’s amazing if she ever makes it all the way through one of her lists. None of this is what drew Lauren to yoga, but this is what stuck her to yoga. A dedicated practice has taught Lauren to slow down mentally and to honor her slow and deliberate pace physically. It’s taught her to put her all into everything all the time, whether that results in checking things off a list or not. The clarity she finds in the practice gives her a feeling of efficiency and balance that she couldn’t be more grateful for. Lauren teaches in the hope of helping others find whatever feeling they struggle to find in life as well.


“Lauren’s yoga class is tough. I have to be mentally ready before I go to her class. It is not because it’s a series of difficult poses, but rather because she teaches each pose with such discipline. I am in awe that I am still experiencing a brand-new sensation through mountain pose during her class. I started treating each pose as sacred as Lauren treats it, and then my practice started giving me a daily miracle. Just recently when I visited Japan, I was told by a chiropractor that my body is perfectly aligned. I used to suffer from severe chronic back and knee pain for over 20 years. I no longer have any pain anywhere, and I owe it to Lauren and her teachings.” -Keiko Suzuki

“I’ll always go out of my way to attend one of Lauren’s classes. She’s one of a handful of teachers I would describe as exceptional. Her knowledge of the human body is outstanding, which deepens her instructions on each posture – from easy resting postures like child’s pose, to difficult peak postures. I always learn something new about my body, how it works and how to be safe doing yoga. She’s clear and precise. I love her pacing and the fact that she never lets breath work go, constantly incorporating gentle reminders about its foundational importance in a yoga practice. It’s obvious that yoga is a way of life for her, not just a job. I find that I’m most present in her classes.” -Alison Goodman

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