Leah Vacher

leah vacher

Leah first tried yoga in 2006. Her yoga practice was on and off until 2012 when she got introduced to the La Jolla Yoga Center by Meghan Kruljac. Ever since then, you can always find her by her mat. She believes there is something truly special about the way that you feel after a yoga class and she wants to share that feeling with all of her students.

She did her teacher training at Buddhi Yoga Spring of 2015. Amanda and Carolina had a strong influence on her teaching style and adjustments. Her class is always thoughtfully sequenced, and has options of going deeper in certain postures. She aims to find the perfect balance of having a challenging class, while still staying connected to your breath.


“Leah’s bubbly and friendly personality really comes out in her teaching style. Her classes are full of fun as well as gentle energy! I loved the last class I took with her which focused on hip openers and stretches; she has an amazing understanding of how to sequence poses so that it always feels great within your body! Her adjustments are amazing and you can tell she really cares about how you’re feeling throughout the class!!”
-Chelsea Squillacote

Leah is the most outgoing and down to earth person I know. Her style and energy are incomparable! I always get a full body workout when I practice with her. Her classes challenge me to open my heart, my body and inspire my spirit. Her attentive presence and adjustments have helped me better my yoga practice. I always feel less stressed and more awake/alive after each class. I highly recommend taking Leah’s class if you like thoughtfully sequenced classes and an amazing yoga teacher.”
-Stephanie Apin

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