Linda Armijo

linda armijo

Linda’s journey into the practice and study of yoga began twenty years ago. While exploring various styles of yoga, she was instantly drawn to the healing and transformative benefits to the mind, body and spirit. Linda’s Anusara / Iyengar influenced Vinyasa yoga classes offer a challenging and fun way to release tension and to create strength, endurance and flexibility. Universal principles of alignment are emphasized allowing for asanas (postures) to be practiced in a safe and nurturing environment, bringing full awareness to breath and meditation in every pose. Linda guides her students to explore an opening of heart while experiencing inner stillness and grace on and off the mat. Whether new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Linda provides a high level of yoga expertise for all ages and body types to maximize the many benefits of yoga . While developing a strong alignment-based foundation for your yoga practice, you will learn techniques to quiet your mind and cultivate inner peace.


“Words cannot express my gratitude that the universe brought me to Linda Armijo. Her unique “alignment first” approach to teaching has completely re-trained my body and transformed my yoga practice. I can surf and snowboard longer, harder and with greater agility. And most importantly, I’m pain free.” – Linda Van Zandt

“Linda Armijo is an outstanding yoga teacher. Her warmth and kind spirit endear her to all her students, who feel fabulous after each class. Linda’s focus on proper alignment enables students to get the most out of each asana, helping all to grow in strength and flexibility.” – Carol Randolph

“I was new to yoga and more oriented to a hard workout. But I wanted and needed the flexibility and the thoughtfulness. As it turned out, learning yoga from Linda was the perfect combination. She teaches in a thoughtful, individualized way that challenges every time. I feel great when finished and look forward to each new session.” – Julie Dubick

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