Lisa Fasano

Lisa Fasano

Lisa Fasano discovered her love for yoga while attending massage school in New York at the New York College of Health Professions in 2005. Upon graduation she obtained her license in Massage Therapy and completed a 200-hour Yoga Instructor Certification. Shortly after she was hired at the New York College of Health Professions to share her education and passion of yoga as an instructor for the students. Feeling drawn to the relaxation and meditation aspects of yoga, Lisa created an aroma yoga restorative class incorporating essential oils with restorative poses, which she taught at a popular sports center for several years. Lisa moved to San Diego, where she truly began to incorporate yoga into her everyday Life. She owns a massage therapy business and educates her clients on yoga poses and breathing techniques as a compliment to massage and overall wellbeing. Lisa loves the physical challenge asana has to offer and has found that strengthening the body with weights allows for progress in the postures. Creating yoga movements to music has become her recent hobby. Whether it be on the beach, skating the boardwalk or simply communicating and connecting with people, her passion for yoga has enhanced her experience with self awareness, strength,flexibility and love. She has quirky personality and infectious energy. Handstands are her favorite, along with a good om.


“I was lucky to begin my yoga journey with Lisa as my teacher. Her guidance has helped me become more mindful with my breaths and movements. My balance improved and I always feel more grounded and positive after Lisa’s classes. She teaches with such kindness and patience, and always brings the best energy to the room. I want to thank her for making me feel comfortable and getting me through poses I never thought I could do.”-Diane

“When I first went to Lisa’s class I was extremely inspired. She reminded me of my angelic friends that are always with me. Lisa brought a complete sense of oneness and peacefulness to our souls. She was kind, patient, and completely mindful of everyone’s needs. I truly miss Lisa’s class and I strongly recommend her class.” -Emanuele

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