Mary Pereira

Yoga Teacher

My yoga journey began at the age of 17 when I fell madly in love with the practice. At 23 I completed my yoga teacher training at The Yoga Joint in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Shortly after training I moved to Texas and then to Japan. Living in Japan for years afforded me the opportunity to travel, practice, and teach throughout Asia. I am now lucky enough to call San Diego home and couldn’t be happier to be here.

The physical practice has given me the ability to see how I show up mentally, physically, and emotionally when I’m uncomfortable or unbalanced, on and off the mat. It allows me the space to find stillness and I love to create that for my students. My classes are aimed at building strength, power and endurance while moving rhythmically through all planes of motion. I place a lot of thought into creative sequencing and curated playlist to make you move and groove. My goal is for you to leave class feeling lengthened, toned, and yoga stoned.


“I’ve been taking weekly private yoga classes with Mary for about five months and I can honestly say it’s been the best money I’ve ever spent. In such a short amount of time I’m shocked with the improvements I’ve made with Mary. We started off with the basics and strengthening muscles I’ve NEVER used before, but by the time our classes had come to an end I was practicing head stands and even arm stand variations. Taking class with Mary has helped me feel comfortable trying new poses in yoga. She has also helped me feel confident walking into any yoga class or practicing at home on my own. I’m thankful I got to spend time with such a patient and caring teacher, one who is extremely in tune with the needs of her students. Okinawa will miss Mary dearly, but California is gaining one hell of a yoga teacher.”- Lindy Yoshida

“I love Mary’s yoga class because she always asks me about how I feel before the class and she gives me other options when I have pain or discomfort in my body. I love her style (power yoga with a good taste in music!). I was lucky to have Mary’s class in Okinawa and I’m gonna miss her and her class class very much. Anyone who takes class with Mary will see the gifted teacher that she is right away.” -Mimei Matsumora

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