Michelle Hackett

Michelle hackett

Michelle has been practicing and studying Ashtanga Yoga since 2002 and teaching since 2006. She continues to be a devoted student to the practice and has studied with Dena Kingsberg, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, and Natasha Teran. Her practice can be described as strong and focused, while her teaching inspires students to become their own greatest teacher. Her favorite thing about teaching Ashtanga is sharing the passion that transformed her own life and witnessing a transformation in students. She feels it is a privilege and a beautiful experience to be part of such a journey.


“I have been a dedicated student of Michelle Hackett since I met her a year and a half ago, and have been a committed yogi for about 18 years, as well as a teacher since 2007. Michelle is so committed as both teacher and student, and it shows up in the classroom. She truly embodies both stillness and ease (sthira sukham) in her own asana (postures), pranayama (breath work), and drishti (gaze). She pushes my limits and challenges me immensely, yet I still feel safe and guided, and her adjustments are spot on! Michelle has a great intuitive sense of her students needs, and is always taking requests and able to assist a wide range of levels in one classroom with admirable grace. I have grown much stronger in both mind and body since I started practicing with Michelle, and it is reflective in my Spirit!” – Amanda Morrow

“Michelle is serious and graceful, methodical and rigorous in her work, while her eyes sparkle with humor. She displays a Socratic approach in her teaching – not content with having you perform in a particular way, she wants you to feel and to know why it’s beneficial to do so. During every session but over the long haul as well, there comes a point when you feel like resting upon what you imagine are your limitations. This is precisely the moment when she manifests the art of making you want to go further and to get more out of yourself. Over the years I studied with a few other instructors and had settled for a dutiful half hour routine by myself every day. Ever since I started working with her in individual weekly sessions over the past nine years, I’ve noticed my everyday practice expand to over an hour, and can’t wait to go to my mat when I wake up. Michelle Hackett communicated to me the joy and the awe of yoga.” – Alain Cohen, Professor, University of California San Diego

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