Michelle Kavieff

michelle Kavieff

Life changed for Michelle Kavieff the day she first arrived on her yoga mat. So drawn to the mindful and healing practice of yoga, Michelle embarked on a journey of transformation, empowerment and self-discovery that has led her to become a Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal and Sound Healer as well as a Yoga Instructor. She enjoys creating her own blend of modalities that have been well received by her clients who continue to enjoy her classes, workshops and healing sessions.

Michelle’s Yin Yoga with Reiki and Restorative Yoga classes are such a profound way to nurture your entire being; mind-body-soul. She believes firmly in the power of the present moment and always encourages her students to tap into that magical space where anything is possible. Her classes are theme based and students will usually come out of class relaxed, at peace, and with some inspiring teaching or perspective to carry with them off the mat.


“I feel so so blessed to have shared in your class this evening. Your yoga is not a craft, it’s an ART filled with grace elegance & poise. AMAZING to have you as a gifted healer and teacher helping us all!”

-Toby Woods

“Thank you Michelle Lee Kavieff, for once again healing me…on a spiritual, soulful, physical, energetic, and cellular level. I am so grateful for the time and effort you put into these incredible classes. I know you postured this class toward me, and I wish there was a way I could tel you how much it has already helped. Thank you! You are amazing!!!”

-Laurel Ann Smith

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