Natasha Oxe

I grew up on the north shore of Oahu where exercise and healthy living was the way of life. I have been taking yoga classes since early adolescence, where I quickly found that my mat was my safe place, whether it’s restorative on the beach or high-energy body toning. I am passionate about preventative health care and a firm believer in exercise and nutrition as medicine for the mind and body. Yoga has taught me a form of patience and strength within myself that I never knew existed. I am excited to share the confidence that I have gained through my practice with those around me!


I had never taken a yoga class before Natasha asked me to come try her class out a little over a year ago. I teach spin and am more of a high intensity workout kinda gal. I love that Natasha integrates yoga into a high-intensity fat-burning workout class. For me, as a yoga beginner, I have a hard time slowing down to stretch and get deep into poses. Natasha makes it easy for me by offering basic yoga and does a great job explaining some of the more difficult poses while offering modifications. I was scared of yoga before I took Natasha’s class, but am so happy I did. – Maya Monza, SPARKCYCLE Instructor.

Natasha’s yoga-with-weights classes are by far the highlight of my week, and the workout that I look forward to the most. Her class is a perfect combination of cardio, strength, and meditation, which makes it extremely unique. She uses a great variety of upbeat music that makes the class enjoyable and keeps her students engaged the entire class. Natasha is a very positive and encouraging teacher that motivates all of her students to live up to their greatest potential. Natasha also puts a lot of effort into making personal connections with her students, which makes her classes that much better! – Brenna Lewman

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