Nicole Bruno

Nicole Bruno has always had a strong passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. She was a cheerleader for 10 years and enjoys choreography as well as trying new challenges that benefit the mind and body. Nicole brings to Buddhi Yoga several years of experience in sculpt classes, pilates, yoga, weight training, and kick boxing. Her dream has always been to guide people into feeling good, envisioning their goals, and accomplishing them. She’s so thankful to have found Buddhi Yoga and for completing her FlowLIFT training to further immerse herself in this wonderful community. Her goal as a FlowLIFT instructor is to create a space to empower her students. Her drive for fitness lights up the room and fills her students with upbeat energy to inspire them to work hard and overcome challenges.


“Buddhi Lift is one of the best workouts and a perfect way for me to to cross train teaching at SoulCycle. I feel stronger, more toned, and I am able to work out my entire body in each 45 min class. Nicole’s energy and humor keeps me motivated, despite knowing that I will be sore from her tough workout. Her playlists are energetic and fun whether you are singing along to Taylor Swift or booty poppin to your favorite hip hop artists. She is encouraging and offers modifications for beginners and advanced yogis. Bring a towel because you are guaranteed to SWEAT and feel your muscles burn in Nicole’s Lift class.” – Maya Monza (Spin instructor at Soul Cycle La Jolla)

“With Nicole’s upbeat music, high energy and combination moves, you are guaranteed to leave feeling pumped up, strong and sore. Her 45 minute class is the perfect combination of all the things that I want in a workout, hitting all of the muscle groups – abs, thighs, arms, butt – that I want to work, while challenging me with new ways to target those muscles. I look forward to Nicole’s playlists and her challenging classes every week!” – Natasha Oxe (FlowLIFT instructor at Buddhi Yoga)

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