Stephanie Poiani

Stephanie did yoga sporadically for fun while she was a freshman at the University of Arizona. During her time as an undergraduate she decided to commit to a consistent practice as a way of coping with anxiety. Since then she’s maintained a regular practice and it has completely changed her life. It has allowed her to stay grounded and develop strength both physically and mentally. She knew she eventually wanted to teach so that she could give back and spread the many benefits of yoga to others.

Stephanie completed her 200-hour teacher training at Buddhi Yoga. Her goal as a teacher is to help her students discover the many benefits of a consistent practice. She believes yoga is appropriate for everyone and enjoys teaching a variety of styles to students of all levels and ages. Stephanie has completed undergraduate studies in nutritional sciences, biochemistry and psychology. As a current naturopathic medical student, she uses her wide scope of training to create well rounded classes that balance the physical aspects of yoga with the mental and emotional components. Stephanie is truly passionate about living a holistic lifestyle and aims to inspire and educate others.


“Stephanie’s sweet, gentle and guiding personality really comes out during her flow! Her music is always on point. I would highly recommend trying her class to anyone who wants to get more in touch with their body and calm their mind. You can tell she practices what she preaches and that she values yoga as a lifestyle, and not just a physical practice.” -Noosha Shambayati

“I always enjoy attending yoga classes taught by Stephanie. Her sequences are creative and smooth, and her cues are very clear. I especially like how she always offers a nice balance of both challenging and relaxing poses that leave me feeling inspired and in-tune with my mind, body, and spirit. Stephanie takes a holistic approach to her yoga teaching, always making sure that her students feel taken care of. She is passionate about yoga and living well. Stephanie has truly taught me so much!” -Jill Kiley

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