Victoria Dunn

Victoria Sallie is a New York native turned San Diego resident with a passion for wellness. Victoria is certified with over 200 hours of training in vinyasa and yin yoga. She also comes from a dance background, having extensive experience in multiple dance forms including ballet and modern. All of Victoria’s classes focus on mindfulness and to bring awareness into the present moment. She offers safe alignment cues and modifications for all levels of practitioners. Victoria’s peaceful presence and positive energy makes all her students feel welcome and at ease.


“Victoria is absolutely phenomenal and I can’t say enough about her. Her presence is immediately calming, her voice is soothing, and her dedication to her craft is reassuring. You can tell through both her words and her gentle, yet powerful sequencing, how much she values the practice of yoga beyond the asanas. She truly creates a safe space for healing and transcendence. Being guided by Victoria is special and an hour with her is never enough!” – Olivia O

“After taking one of Victoria’s yoga classes I have officially been brought back to yoga after five years! She made me feel comfortable easing back into yoga with a knee injury. Her style of teaching is so inclusive, warm, and welcoming. It’s perfect for all levels of yoga.” -Tiffany D

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