Stephanie Jones Teacher of the Month

Stephanie Jones

Stephanie Jones Embodies All the Qualities of a Great Teacher

Steph has been teaching at Buddhi for a few years and she’s one those people that try harder than most. We’ve seen her perfect her FlowLIFT classes with openness and grace, take additional yoga trainings for fun, and start her own online business faster than you fan say “Dayum!” Naming her Buddhi Yoga Teacher of the Month has been a long time coming and we couldn’t be more excited that she’s a part of our team. Get to know her a little better below and stop by to see her for vinyasa and FlowLIFT classes.

Tell Us How You Got Into Yoga

The first yoga class I ever attended was just for fun. I wanted to see what all of this yoga buzz was about. I liked it, but I was a committed runner at the time, so I’d drop into classes on a non-regular basis. I’d show up maybe once a month, feel incredible, but never commit.

What Made You Want to Take Our San Diego Yoga Teacher Training

I moved to California in May of 2016 with the slightest idea that I wanted to start teaching yoga. My practice had evolved at that time and I felt a calling to try teaching. I attended one of Goldie’s yoga classes, chatted with her for a few minutes after, and then signed up. I was in the, “if not now, then when” mode. It felt right. I was definitely the random teacher, but I didn’t mind.

What’s Your Favorite Thing About Being a Teacher

Being present. Teaching yoga requires such immense presence that when I leave a well-taught class, I feel high. A high I can’t achieve from anything else.


What’s On Heavy Rotation in Your Music Playlists Right Now

For yoga, I’m loving “Feels Like A Sunday” by Elderbrook and “My Love” by Until The Ribbon Breaks. I prefer music without lyrics for yoga. For FlowLIFT I LOVE “Flower” by Moby and “Stir Fry” by Migos. Anything that makes me and my class feel like a badass.

Why Did You Sign Up for Teaching the FlowLIFT Workout

I stumbled upon FlowLIFT by accident. After Yoga Teacher Training at Buddhi, I hadn’t found any yoga classes to teach for a few months. I heard Buddhi Yoga started FlowLIFT, so I called one of the founders and asked her if I could try teaching the class. She said, “Have you taken the class?” I said, “Well, no.” She told me to try a class and that we would chat after. My first class was SO HARD. I wasn’t quite sure if I would be up for the challenge, but I kept at it. It didn’t get any easier, I just got in better shape. After a couple of weeks of consistently attending class, I became addicted, auditioned, and took the training. Now, here I am – FlowLIFT obsessed.

What Do You Think Is the Most Challenging Thing About Being a Yoga Teacher

Ah, this is a good question! For me, finding jobs at studios other than Buddhi has been a challenge. Buddhi is one of the only studios that gives teachers the freedom to teach their own style. I feel really constricted if I can’t express myself through my authentic teaching style, so fitting in with other studios has been tough.

Tell us three things a lot of people don’t know about you

I love spending time alone. I’m an extroverted introvert, so I often choose my alone time over going out with friends. I used to be a financial analyst and my dream was to work on Wall Street. I read a book a week. My favorite book is The Big Magic.

Stephanie Jones

How Do You Envision Your Life in Five Years?

Teaching a San Diego yoga teacher training! My 5-year goal is to teach teachers. Yoga Teacher Training was one of my favorite times in my life, so I want to recreate that experience for myself, except I’ll be on the other side of things.

What Is Your Pet Peeve

Haha oh gosh. Is a pet peeve just an aspect of yourself you haven’t accepted? We each have them for different reasons. My personal pet peeve is when I don’t give myself time to move my body every day. I get easily irritated and impatient. When I make time for myself, I’m a better person and a better teacher.

Stephanie’s Teaching Schedule

Stephanie teaches vinyasa yoga on Thursdays at 6:30am and FlowLIFT on Friday at 4, Saturday at 7:30am and Sunday at 12:30. Stop by and say hi or visit her online at Steph Yoga.

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