Beginner Flow Yoga

Back to the Basics with Beginner Flow

Are you new to yoga or returning from some time away from the practice? Maybe you just want a class where the poses are tailored to fit your body. If so, Beginner Flow yoga at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla is the class for you! Each session is conducted with the needs of the attending students in mind, always adapting to feedback during class. Our instructors cover basic breathing techniques and universal yoga poses in a manner that is easy to understand and enjoy. Yoga is demystified and brought to a practical, yet still mentally calming level. Moreover, students enjoy practicing in an environment that is free from anxiety about performance. We teach in a way that promotes beneficial yoga habits so the practitioner can be aware of how their body feels on any particular day and know how to adjust movements accordingly by using yoga props. Our students find that after they attend several Beginner Flow classes, confidence increases and they want to practice yoga more frequently, often choosing to move into the Slow Flow classes.

beginner flow yoga

Beginner Flow is also suitable for those who have injuries or students who are recovering from surgery. These classes are very gentle and move in a relaxed, slow pace. It’s also ideal for those who may feel intimidated by being in a faster-paced class with more advanced yogis. Learn proper alignment, pose names, breathing and how to use props to make your practice more accessible.

Beginner Flow is Like Having a Private Class

The Beginners Flow classes are small in size, making them feel like your very own private yoga class. Get individual attention so you can work on your specific needs and get all your questions answered. These classes can feel like a workshop where the teacher is open to your requests and suggestions. Our experienced instructors create a comfortable and safe environment for you to explore the basics of yoga. Enjoy many hands-on adjustments and end with a final relaxation that will leave you feeling open, stress-free and confident about your yoga journey.

beginner flow yoga class

Sign up for class or just drop in at the studio to practice with Julia on Mondays at 10:45 and Wednesdays at 10:45 with Jen. This one-hour class is the perfect way to start feeling the benefits of a consistent yoga practice in a non-intimidating way.