Class Descriptions

slow flow

Slow Flow | Great for beginners or people who prefer a slower paced class. Flow in and out of poses with a strong emphasis on alignment and breath control. Taking the time to settle deeper into postures helps develop a solid foundation regardless of how long you have been practicing. Slow flow is also suitable for beginners or people with limited mobility. Read more about Slow Flow.

vinyasa mixed

Vinyasa Mixed | Flow class offering options for all levels of practice. Dynamic movements and creative sequencing are woven together with breath awareness to create heat and release tension from the body. Vinyasa classes are often compared to a “meditation in motion” where the body takes on various shapes while the mind remains focused and relaxed. Read more on the Vinyasa Mixed class page.

yoga teacher jen snyder

Buddhi Flow | Our signature class combines Amanda’s ultra smooth vinyasa style with Carolina’s creative and powerful sequencing. Get expert adjustments and explore unique variations while flowing through seamless transitions. This class is open to vinyasa students of all levels and is great for yoga teachers who are looking to refine their style and add to their repertoire. Learn more about Buddhi Flow.

flow lyft

FlowLIFT | FlowLIFT is an innovative workout using light ankle and hand weights. You’ll be challenged in a whole new way with cardio drills, fun combination moves, and influences from yoga, pilates, and weight training. Get lean, improve balance, develop core strength, and develop mental sharpness. Classes are 45-minutes with cool-down and final relaxation. Learn more about FlowLIFT!

yin yoga

Yin Yoga | Yin yoga works on stretching the connective tissue around the joints in a gentle way. Mainly targeting the ankles, knees, hips and pelvis, postures are practiced on the ground in seated, supine and prone positions. Get a slow release by holding all poses passively for 2-5 minutes. This is a great way to relax and end your day feeling open and realigned.Read more about the many benefits of Yin yoga classes.

restorative yoga

Restorative | Revitalize the body and mind using fundamental yoga postures with the assistance of props. This class facilitates a deep kinesthetic awareness through longer hold times, gentle movement, and a more passive approach to maintaining the state of each position. Suitable for all levels and can be practiced exclusively or as a supplement to a more vigorous yoga practice. Read more about Restorative Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini | Kundalini yoga and meditation integrates all the “facets” of yogic science: movement, breathwork, meditation, and mantra. The purpose of Kundalini yoga is to ignite the “nerve center” of the Soul Body and draw the True Identity of the practitioner up the spine, out of the crown chakra and into their daily lives. People often feel energized and joyful with a heightened awareness of their senses after class. Gong sound healing included.

Kathleen Rafaat

Breathwork for Health & Meditation | This class will incorporate the basics of Pranayama, (the conscious act of inhalation, retention and exhalation), giving us the power through breath, to improve immunity, lower blood pressure, strengthen the respiratory system, soothe the nervous system and increase concentration. Pranayama also readies and opens the mind for meditation, connecting the body, mind and spirit. Each class will incorporate movement, mantra, pranayama and meditation. Open to all levels.

prenatal yoga

Prenatal | Enjoy the many physical and emotional benefits of yoga in a safe, nurturing environment. Sequences and postures are selected and modified specifically to prepare the mother for the birthing experience while nurturing the connection with her baby. Open the hips, release the low back, and learn breathing techniques for relaxation. Read more about Prenatal Yoga.

kids yoga classes

Kids Yoga | Children these days have packed schedules and sometimes move at a frantic pace. This class is for kids ages 3-7. Start them young in learning yoga poses with breathing and relaxation techniques while using their imagination in a fun and non-competitive environment. Parents also win during kids yoga. They can socialize in the boutique or hop into the other room for a killer FlowLIFT class! Get more information on the Kids Yoga class page.

tween yoga

Tween Yoga | Pre-teens ages 8-12 who do yoga experience less mood problems and anxiety while improving mindfulness, resilience, and anger expression. By combining yoga postures with breath control and awareness, students learn how to tune in to their bodies and improve self-esteem. Parents are welcome to leave their kids or take the FlowLIFT class in the other room to get a great workout. Both classes are 45 minutes.

events at buddhi yoga

Community Classes | Come to Buddhi Saturdays at 4:30pm. These classes are taught by new instructors and it’s a great opportunity to treat a friend to yoga.

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