Buddhi Yoga Adds Yoga with Weights Classes

flow lift teacher training

Cut out the gym time and get fit with our FlowLIFT classes!  Carolina and Amanda created workout ankle and hand weights.  These classes seamlessly flow through compound moves that target both small and large muscle groups; It’s high intensity, low impact and draws influences from pilates, yoga, and barre .  Get cardio, strength training and increased range of motion in  every 45-minute class.

yoga with weights

What to Expect at FlowLIFT Classes

Our signature workout begins with a brief warmup of the big muscles groups to get the real party started.  The room is heated to 82 degrees and the class is hard, so expect to sweat like you’ve never sweat before.  High energy music fuels you through fun moves that get your heart pumping. Learn how to move in a whole new way with a combination of plank moves, standing moves and floor moves that will challenge your brain.   The 1 to 2.5 pound leg weights wrap around the ankles comfortably and you can interchange a light and heavier dumbbell depending on how you feel. Class ends with a few stretches and a short final relaxation.

Am I Ready for the FlowLIFT Workout

You might be wondering if you’re ready for classes that combine vinyasa flows with strength training.  You don’t need to know how to do yoga and no particular experience is necessary for these classes. The most important prerequisite is to stay connected to your breath while staying aware of your body’s limitations. The teacher will set a cardiovascular pace, but all students are encouraged to move slower if needed to maintain proper alignment. You can modify the classes by going slower, doing half moves, and taking breaks any time you need to.  Almost anyone can take FlowLIFT classes, and if you’re consistent, you will see big improvements in both strength and agility. The instructor always practices with the students so you can see the movements and follow along easily.

Yoga with weights

Save Time and Get the Benefits of Several Workouts All Rolled Into One

Most of us have very busy lives and it takes a lot of time and energy to stay fit and mentally balanced. Carolina and Amanda are both moms who also run businesses, so they know how limited time is sometimes. FlowLIFT sets itself apart from other yoga sculpt classes, and when you take a class you’ll understand why. The two Buddhi owners have worked hard to develop a unique take on yoga with weights and we know you’ll love it.

FlowLIFT Class Schedule

Monday 8:45am with Carolina & 4:30pm with Wendy
Tuesday 11am with Kristi
Wednesday 8:45am with Amanda
Thursday 11am with Farha
Friday 8:45am with Eryn & 5:15pm with Christina
Saturday 8am with Amanda