Corporate Yoga


The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that U.S. employers lose $70 billion a year due to stress, absence from work and overall lost of productivity. A Duke University study reported a 31% decrease in medical symptoms and psychological distress with the incorporation of therapeutic and mindfulness based practices such as yoga. With over 25% of large U.S. companies including Google and Apple, having incorporated yoga initiatives during the workday, companies are beginning to notice the dramatic impact yoga practice has on employees.

Bringing Yoga into the Workplace has many Benefits with Corporate Yoga:

  • Individual stress management, relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • Addresses muscle tension and chronic pain due to sedentary working conditions
  • Improves mental clarity, alertness, creativity and decision making

Our goal is to bring forth a comprehensive corporate yoga program that familiarizes employees with the most important and beneficial aspects of the practice such as breathing and postures for stress management and improved productivity.

Any open space such as a conference room or outside area is be the perfect setting for yoga. Email us or call 858-886-7580 for more information.