High School Yoga at Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla

High School Yoga Returns to Buddhi Yoga

Starting in September 2016, Buddhi Yoga is bringing back it’s High School Yoga Program every Monday and Wednesday from 3-4pm. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or an experienced yogi, this high school class is a comfortable environment to practice among your peers and friends. In the increasingly competitive world of high school, yoga class can help destress and decompress after a long day of school. Beginning yoga in high school can increase flexibility and body awareness early in age to enhance sport practices, reduce future injuries, and develop skills to lead a well balanced life.

High School Yoga

High School Yoga Has Many Benefits

If only we were all so lucky to have access to high school yoga. By the time students start high school, they have spent years sitting all day in desks and participating in a wide variety of physical activity without adequate stretching. This reduces flexibility and range of motion in the joints. Practicing yoga will improve these things as well as posture, balance and concentration. High School is also an excellent time to introduced mindfulness based exercises such as breath-work and meditation. Our high school yoga program teaches students how to use their breath as the powerful tool that it is. Yoga breathing techniques and meditation show students how to calm their own nervous system and reduce anxiety. In an age where kids as well as adults need constant stimulation from the outside world, developing a practice of drawing inward and finding peace within is perhaps the greatest gift a yoga practice can give us. The benefits of yoga are vast and the earlier we have access to them, the better.

What is Different About High School Yoga?

While it is perfectly fine for high school students to attend regular yoga classes on the Buddhi Yoga schedule, the high school yoga classes are catered specifically to ages 14-18. Students tend to be more comfortable being in a class with other kids their age and are more likely to stick to it when they participate with a friend or group of friends. Adolescents have a slightly different set of needs both physically and mentally than adults and these differences are addressed and emphasized in the high school yoga classes. The opportunity to start a mindfulness and meditation practice this early in life alongside your peers is priceless and we hope it sparks a lifelong practice for all who comes.