Slow Flow Yoga

Are Slow Flow Classes Right for You

There are so many yoga studios, yoga styles and different types of yoga classes. It’s confusing to choose the right yoga class for you, especially if you are a beginner. At Buddhi Yoga in La Jolla, Slow Flow classes are some of our most popular. These yoga classes are perfect for beginners, people healing injuries or those of us who are in the mood for a slower paced class. Instructors Amanda McCarroll, Linda Armijo, Jon Old-Rowe and Julia Peck are experts at giving verbal cues that are easy to understand and designing sequences that are safe and effective for all levels.


Slow Flow Classes Are Slow Vinyasa Classes

Slow flow classes are similar to vinyasa classes in that they help to create a strong connection with the breath and poses are strung seamlessly together and target the whole body. The class feels like one long free-flowing pose, much like a moving meditation. This helps to not only create balanced strength and flexibility but also has a powerful calming effect on the nervous system inducing a feeling of deep relaxation.

Slow flow classes differ from Vinyasa classes in many ways. The transitions between postures are simpler and more “user-friendly” but still help students to improve balance, core strength and agility. Challenging postures such as chaturanga dandasana (low push up position) are not commonly practiced but plank is used frequently to build upper body strength and maintain bone density for older students. Cobra is practiced instead of upward dog to build spinal strength and flexibility without straining the shoulders or lower back.

At Buddhi Yoga we emphasize the idea that there is no hierarchy of classes or poses. Students should not feel pressure to “graduate” from Slow Flow classes into Vinyasa Mixed, Buddhi Flow or Super Yogi classes. Slow Flow is designed to give you everything you need to build a strong, flexible body, cultivate breath awareness and create a peaceful, calm mind.

If you are interested in other classes on our schedule that are around the same level of challenge try our Align and Flow, Beginner Flow, Happy Back and Restorative classes. We have designed a diverse schedule with San Diego’s best yoga teachers. With a membership to Buddhi Yoga you can feel free to try out our wide variety of classes and teachers as much as you want. We guarantee that we have the perfect class just for you.

For more information on Slow Flow yoga classes contact Buddhi Yoga at (858) 886-7580 and speak with a trained instructor to see which class is right for you.