Teacher Training Testimonials

“Thank you Amanda And Jonathan for a fantastic experience of growth in my yoga practice and meditation. The 200 hours of teacher training launched me to higher level of yoga practice that I use every day and now teach it to my community two times a week.  The teacher training taught me that through persistence, practice and repetition anything can be achieved!  “Firm but Relaxed” is a quote from Jonathan I share with every student. One other benefit, I feel physically fantastic!” – Diane
Grateful to have made the decision to participate in the Buddhi Yoga Teacher Training. I learned so much about myself and Yoga teachings I never knew existed, even after practicing at local studios for 20 years! It was such a wonderful, eye opening, spiritual experience and has been the beginning of my journey to more self discovery. Amanda and Jon were knowledgeable, powerful, experienced, patient teachers and Im so GRATEFUL to have met them and to participate in their class. I HIGHLY recommend their TT to anyone! Thanks so very much! – Tracy

“To put it simply, my teacher training was nothing short of a very positive yet pivotal time in my life. “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear”, and just like clockwork, I would meet Carolina at a local studio in La Jolla, CA. I was fortunate (and lucky) enough to receive the opportunity of studying with Carolina in a private 200 hour teacher training. When we began, I wouldn’t be able to foresee just how extensive the training would be. I knew I wanted to deepen my own practice and understanding of yoga, but I wasn’t sure if I would actually be able to teach all that I had learned. However, Carolina’s training was so inspiring, so in depth, and so rewarding that I felt I had no choice but to attempt to share it. Carolina’s teacher training is legendary; her passion to develop teachers is nothing short of commendable. I am forever grateful for Carolina, often relating my own successes in life to the tools she gave me. I very highly recommend her teachings for anyone interested in a unique, well-rounded, loving, positive, transformational, inspiring and one-of-a-kind yoga teacher training!” – Abbi Heilig

“Your teaching style (both in the teacher training and in your classes) was so inspiring! You really helped me connect both with the practical and profound aspects of my own practice. I hope to develop (with lots of dedication) your meticulous use of words and cues and the relaxed yet attentive tone you bring to your classes. Thank you for being such a meaningful and positive influence over the past few months….when I was especially in need.” – Amanda Willoughby

“I recently graduated from a 200-hr RYT teacher training in March of 2014 that both Amanda McCarroll and Carolina Vivas helped to co-teach. These two were among the top reasons why I chose this teacher training. Anyone that has taken one of Amanda or Carolina’s classes know how fantastic they are. They both have their own unique styles of teaching that combine expert knowledge of alignment, intelligent sequencing and ancient yoga philosophy into every class. I left the teacher training feeling sp confident to teach, that I started the very next day. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to learn from these two powerful teachers and to continue to learn with each class I attend. They still mentor me and help me to grow my own unique teaching style. Most teacher trainings out there are very basic and only scratch the surface of what a true training could entail. I did a ton of research on other studios and weighed my options very carefully. I hands down made the right choice. There are lots of programs to choose from these days, but finding teachers that are trying to keep the true essence of yoga alive is difficult. Both Amanda and Carolina demonstrate that this ancient practice is more than just a really good sweaty workout, it is life changing and transformational. These ladies make sure that you have an understanding of alignment in each pose, what it feels like in your own body and how to connect each asana with breath. They will show you their tips and tricks to properly sequence a class with intelligent flows. Unlike other trainings that will show you how to teach just one sequence, this training taught me how to be creative while understanding which postures are important to open up the body for more advanced asanas. I truly left with an understanding of sequencing. Amanda’s background in yoga therapy and Carolina’s in Thai massage bring a little something extra to the table when learning about proper cuing and amazing adjustments. I wholeheartedly recommend taking a training with them if you have the opportunity, if not to teach then to gain a better understanding of your own practice. You will not be disappointed!” -Jenna Zabrosky

“I had the most amazing time being guided in my second teacher training with Amanda and Carolina. They are both so passionate about their teaching and I look up to them so much. They always came to class sessions with positive energy and a supportive attitude. I never found myself feeling bored or not intrigued because the training was balanced in such a way that there was not a chance to do so. Between reading from the books, focusing on alignment and adjustments, practice teaching and learning new poses and breathwork, I can’t think of a better way to divide the time so nicely. There was never a minute that went by that was wasted. I was constantly looking forward to what we were learning and doing next. After completing my 200 hr training with them I felt like a new person. The amount of growth I experienced was unbelievable and I wouldn’t be at the space I am in now if it weren’t for these amazing teachers I had to support me. Not only is my yoga practice much stronger but my personal life has changed for the better. I am so grateful to be blessed with such knowledgable and loving teachers.” – Delaney Dickinson