Yoga with Weights Teacher Training

FlowLIFT Certification

FlowLIFT Certification Program

yoga with weights teacher training

Want your class to be the hottest in town? FlowLIFT is a 45-minute, mat based, music driven strength training cardio workout using light ankle and hand weights. Flawless and dynamic moves challenge the whole body and engage the mind like never before. The result is a sweaty and addictive workout that builds a long, lean and functional physique. FlowLIFT is much more than the usual yoga with weights workouts out there; Once you try it you’ll change the way you view fitness forever.

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yoga with weights teacher trainingGet certified to teach yoga with weights while getting a killer body! In just one day you’ll learn how to teach this fun and effective workout your students will love. The FlowLIFT classes at Buddhi Yoga are a big hit and everyone can’t stop raving about them. Sign up for the next training if you want to learn a new skill, teach fitness on the side, or even if you just want to learn more about the class.

FlowLIFT Yoga with Weights Teacher Training

8 contact hours in one day
3 cueing hours assisting FlowLIFT teachers in group classes
3 practice teaching hours
(Cueing and practice teaching can be done online)

2023 Trainings

(in person or zoom in)

 – November 4th –

with founders Carolina Vivas & Amanda McCarroll

In Person or Zoom In @ büddhi yoga La Jolla, CA

*early bird price before October 4th, 2023



8:00am-5:00pm (1 hr for lunch)

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Suggested Experience (not required)

200-hour Vinyasa Certification
Fitness Instructor
Professional Dancer/Choreographer
Certified Sculpt Teacher
Personal Trainer


$375 Program Fee (Early bird $325 )
$18/month Required Online Support to teach the class

All payments are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the certification course you’ve registered for you can apply your payment to any future training or Buddhi Yoga offering.

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yoga with weights teacher training

What You’ll Learn:

>The mechanics of safely using ankle and hand weights through a series of vinyasa-style flow sequences.
>The format of the yoga with weights FlowLIFT class
>The principles of smooth transitions
>How to effectively warm up the body
>The importance of music when exercising
>How to develop the self-confidence and physical strength to inspire students
>How to challenge your body and increase endurance
>How to use concise verbal cues to keep your students properly aligned and engaged

Completing the FlowLIFT Registration

Upon finishing the contact hours, cueing and practice teaching, instructors are required to get an online class support membership to teach the class.

UpLIFT Membership

Your learning doesn’t end with the certification program. In order to teach the class, teachers are required to sign up for the UpLIFT monthly support Teacher Membership, which includes access to two master classes with written choreography and exclusive playlists. The UpLIFT membership also gives teachers free access to the regular FlowLIFT student membership with an additional 150+ classes. Founders Amanda and Carolina want to make teaching easy for their instructors, so they provide all the tools needed to deliver the perfect workout. Teaching a fitness class has never been easier with the online instructor support. The founders research new moves, come up with creative sequences, and design seamless classes from start to finish. As UpLIFT members, teachers get the full package and all they have to do is watch the videos and practice the moves to lead their own classes. All certified teachers are listed on the FlowLIFT site with their own page so students can find their classes no matter where they’re teaching.

Benefits of the FlowLIFT Class

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  • Increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat
  • Boost metabolism to burn more calories
  • Build upper body and core strength
  • Improve overall sports performance
  • Increase endurance and cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve balance, agility, and mental focus