Buddhi Flow Yoga

Buddhi Flow Yoga Classes

Buddhi Flow is our signature yoga class combining Amanda’s ultra smooth vinyasa style with Carolina’s creative and powerful sequencing. Amanda and Carolina have been teaching together, taking each other’s classes, shooting videos for yourBuddhi.com and creatively collaborating for over six years. They inspire each other as well as give each other feedback and tips for how their classes could be even better. There are several key aspects of Buddhi Flow that make it such a fun and memorable yoga class.

What to expect at Buddhi Flow

Buddhi Flow is a challenging Vinyasa flow style class combining all of the elements needed for the perfect yoga experience. The sequencing incorporates a wide range of poses woven together in an intelligent and unique way. Amanda and Carolina make sure that every class is different from the last so that students don’t get bored and never know what is coming next. Sometimes the class moves towards a peak pose such as a deep backbend or arm balance. Other times you will find yourself moving through a long seamless flow and before you know it, you’re in Savasana and you have no idea where the time went. Get expert adjustments throughout the class that help you move deeper and feel postures in ways you wouldn’t be able to on your own. The music is bumpin’ and the beat fuels the movements, helping students turn off their mind, loosen up and have a good time. In these classes everyone safely builds strength in the upper body, core and lower body while dramatically improving flexibility in the muscles and joints. The main goal of Buddhi Flow classes is for students to transcend their surroundings and the busyness of their thoughts in order to become completely present in the breath and body.

buddhi flow yoga

Buddhi Flow is great for yoga teachers

Most yoga instructors teach multiple classes a day all week long and may feel burned out. Buddhi Flow classes are a great way to get inspired again. Learn new sequences, transitions and adjustments. These classes are like a creative booster shot that will help you to look forward to teaching and approaching classes with a fresh and renewed love of yoga.

Is Buddhi Flow for You?

Carolina and Amanda offer modifications as well as more challenging variations throughout class. Students vary in age, size, shape and experience level – everyone is welcome! However, it is faster paced with difficult transitions, so it’s better to have some yoga experience before attending. If you are newer to yoga or not sure if it would be right for you, try our; Slow Flow, Beginner Flow or Align and Flow to get a little more comfortable with breathing, alignment and pose names.